Oh hey! I’m posting my FIRST fandub here on this Tumblr! Hooray~ if the internet isn’t as harsh as I’m expecting it to be! So, this is a song from Mermaid Melody called Vocie in the Dark (if you didn’t get that from the title) But I really actually like this fandub, so I’m hoping you all like it too!

A little info and programs and such:

Programs used: Vegas Pro 8.0, aviary audio editor(bitch to edit audio with, really it is. But its online, and its free)
Song: Voice in the Dark
Anime: Mermaid Melody
English Lyrics by: LovelyMusicAngel

July 17, 2012 #mermaid melody #voice in the dark #fandub #english #english fandub #black beauty sisters #mimi #sheshe #voice in the dark english fandub